Indian Visa Guidelines for USA Citizens

Indian Visa Guidelines for USA Citizens

Indian Visa Guidelines for USA Citizens

India is a mixed and culturally prosperous country with considerable customs and cultures, making it an ideal travel destination for adventure enthusiasts. This is why over a million Americans visit India each year. American citizens can easily obtain an Indian eVisa because the process is entirely online. Almost all countries, including American citizens, require an evisa for India. If you want to travel to India,  this blog will give you comprehensive guidelines, including requirements, benefits, and how to apply. Stay tuned to learn more. 

Requirements and Types of eVisas Available to American Citizens

American nationals can apply for an e-visa in India. In fact, the US was a founding participant in India’s online visa program. American citizens can enjoy quick access via the India online visa program. Below are things that you must know:

  • Indian e-visa is valid at permitted airports or seaports only.
  • Tourist visas for India are available in THREE variants: 30 days, One year, and Five years.
  • Business e-visas for India are valid for 12 months from the issuing date.
  • American nationals can also apply for an online medical visa for India.

How do you apply for an Indian eVisa for American Citizens?

To apply for the process of online Indian visa application for American nationals, you must have a photograph and a travel document to scan the personal information part. To finish the operation, follow these steps:

Enter all of your information, your front face picture, and a scanned passport front page copy and submit it.

Step 1: Visit Globally eVisa and click on Apply Now

Step 2: Enter all your information(make sure that the information you enter is accurate)

Step 3: Next, you are required to submit your front face pictures and a passport size photo. After that you have to scan your passport’s front page and submit the form. 

Step 3: After you have entered your information and documents, we will process your Indian visa application.

Are American citizens required to visit the Indian embassy at any stage of the process?

When applying for an Indian visa online, American citizens are not required to visit the Indian embassy or consulate at any time. You are prepared to fly to India when you receive your e-visa via email. You do not need to visit the Indian embassy or consulate for a stamp or confirmation on your travel documents. There is no reason to attend the Indian embassy in any event. Online visas are logged in the Indian government’s central computer system, and immigration agents can acquire this information from any airport or seaport. Your name and passport number are logged in the system to celebrate your visa approval. 

What are the benefits of American citizens obtaining an Indian eVisa online?

The advantages of receiving an Indian e visa online are as follows:

  • Depending on the type of visa requested, American residents can obtain an Indian visa online for up to FIVE years.
  • The Indian e-Visa permits Americans to enter the country several times.
  • American nationals can use an Indian E-Visa for up to 180 days of constant and uninterrupted residence in India.
  • It is a specific privilege for a small number of nations, including American citizens. Other nationals can stay in India for a maximum of 90 days. The Indian visa online permits you to enter India through 30 airports and FIVE seaports.
  • The Indian e-visa permits travel to all states and union territories of India.

Important Guidelines To Consider

The information in this blog concerning Indian E-Visas is sufficient for American citizens; However, there are a few other considerations that you must keep in mind when it comes to obtaining Indian e-visa online. They are: 

Try not to overstay: You should be aware that you must follow the laws of the country you are visiting. There is a $300 fine for overstaying. A $500 fee can also be issued for exceeding the two-year stay limit. If a visa holder stays in India for an extended period of time, the Indian government may take legal action. Overstaying in India may also have an influence on your reputation for future travel and make obtaining visas for other countries more difficult.

Take a printout of the Indian E-Visa acquired via email. While it is not required for American citizens to have a print copy of the Indian visa online, it is safe to do so because your mobile phone, which contains the email confirmation of visa, may be damaged or the battery may be depleted, rendering you unable to provide proof of electronic Indian E-Visa. A document printout serves as further verification.

Ensure that your passport has TWO blank pages. The Indian government never contacts Americans for visa stamps on their actual passports. They also request a scanned copy of the first page throughout the e-visa India application process. So the Indian government is unaware of the blank pages in your passport. You must have two blank or empty pages so that immigration officials can apply sanctions and stamps upon your arrival and departure from the airport.

Ensure that the Passport is Valid for 6 Months: Your travel document, which in most cases is an ordinary passport, must be valid for six months from the date of application.

The Bottom Line

So, if you’re looking to obtain an Indian e-visa online, trust Globally eVisa today. We are a renowned platform for assisting every individual in getting a hassle-free visa online with a few easy processes. You can call us or text us, we are just a few clicks away. 


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