Apply Urgent eVisa to India

Emergency Visa to India: Traversing Borders Without Delay

Have you ever been caught off guard by sudden events, like when someone you care about gets sick overseas or an important business meeting pops up in India? It can be tough to figure out what to do, especially with visas.

Whether it’s a medical crisis, family emergency, or urgent business matter, the emergency visa to India provides a crucial solution for legally entering the country on short notice. But don’t worry – Globally e-Visa is here to help you with everything to make this process of an Indian emergency visa hassle-free and smooth.

We’ll guide you through every step and simplify the visa process so you can concentrate on handling the urgent situation that requires your presence in India. Ready to get started on your expedited indian visa? Let’s get your application approved in no time.

What Is Emergency Indian Visa?

An India emergency visa is a special type of visa issued to people who need to travel to India urgently due to unforeseen circumstances. It allows for expedited processing and approval compared to a regular tourist or other visa category.

Several situations may qualify for an emergency visa, such as:

Medical Emergencies: If you need to travel to India immediately to receive urgent medical treatment or be with a close family member who is critically ill.
Death of a Family Member: In the unfortunate event of the death of an immediate family member in India, you can apply for an emergency visa to attend their funeral or settle their affairs.
Business Emergencies: Companies may need to send employees to India on extremely short notice to handle critical business matters that require in-person presence.
Family Emergencies: Events like childbirth, which require an urgent Indian visa for you to travel to India, or a family crisis situation can qualify for an emergency visa for India.

For those facing an urgent need to travel to India, securing an emergency visa swiftly becomes the highest priority. To cater to such time-sensitive cases, the Indian government has established a special fast-track or emergency Indian visa facility. This dedicated team operates round-the-clock, seven days a week, ensuring applications are processed urgently.

Private visa expediting services can further accelerate the process, minimizing the turnaround time for those with genuine emergencies requiring immediate travel to India.

How do I apply for an Expedited Indian Visa?

Applying for an emergency visa to India requires following a streamlined process to ensure your application gets approved swiftly. Here are the key steps involved:

  • Complete the online application form accurately on the official Indian visa website ( or the concerned Indian mission’s website. Provide all required personal, travel, and passport details.
  • Upload supporting documents proving:
  • – The nature of your emergency situation
  • – Why urgent travel to India is required
  • – Possible documents include medical records, death certificates, employer letters, etc.
  • Pay the applicable visa fees which are typically higher than regular visas due to the expedited service.
  • If approved, you will receive an e-Visa via email to travel to India at the earliest.
  • Key points to note:
  • – Declare the correct purpose of travel as “Emergency”
  • – Specify expected entry/exit dates and cities accurately
  • – Ensure you meet all other standard entry requirements

While an emergency visa facilitates faster approval, it is still subject to India’s immigration laws governing activities permitted and maximum stay duration during your visit. Some additional pointers:

  • Processing time is typically 1-3 business days but can be shorter for crisis situations
  • Have all supporting documents ready before applying to avoid delays
  • Use visa expert services to ensure first-time application approval
  • Check current fees as emergency visas can cost over $100 for expedited processing

With complete and accurate information provided upfront, the emergency visa allows you to legally enter India quickly during times of crises or unanticipated situations requiring your urgent presence.

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What Documents Are Required When Applying for an Urgent Indian eVisa?

When applying for an emergency Indian visa, you will need to submit the below proposed documents,

  • Valid Passport: Ensure your passport has at least six months of validity remaining from the date you plan to arrive in India.
  • Purpose of Travel: Depending on the type of eVisa (such as medical, business, or tourist), be prepared to provide specific documentation supporting your reason for travel.
  • Medical Treatment Documentation: For a medical eVisa, you’ll need documentation from a hospital or doctor in India detailing the treatment or consultation you seek.
  • Proof of Relationship (if applicable): If you’re visiting an Indian citizen, provide proof of your relationship with them, such as a marriage certificate or birth certificate.
  • Additional Documents: Be ready to provide any additional documents requested by the Indian Embassy or Consulate.
  • Complete Application: Fill out the application form accurately and completely. Any missing or incorrect information can cause delays in processing.
  • Timely Submission: Submit all required documents and the application in a timely manner to avoid processing delays.
  • Review Requirements: Check the specific requirements for the type of eVisa you’re applying for and ensure you meet all criteria before submitting your application.
  • Expert Assistance: If you’re unsure about any part of the process, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from experts who can provide assistance and clarification.
  • Double-Check Before Submission: Double-check all documents and information to ensure accuracy and completeness before finalizing your application.

Following these important points will help streamline the application process and increase the likelihood of approval for your urgent Indian eVisa.

How Long Can I Stay in India With an Emergency Visa?

An emergency visa to India typically allows a maximum period of stay of up to six months, but the actual length of stay depends on the nature of the emergency and the discretion of Indian authorities. Due to regulations, the validity of a visa cannot exceed 180 days. So, if your urgent matter is expected to be resolved within a month or two, your visa will likely be valid for 30-60 days from entry. For longer-term emergencies like urgent medical treatment, the maximum 180-day validity period would apply. Extensions beyond this are generally not permitted on emergency visa grounds.

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Countries Eligible for the Emergency Visa to India are Listed Below


An Emergency Visa is a special kind of permission that lets you travel to India quickly in case something very important and urgent happens. It’s not a new type of visa but a faster way to get one for emergencies.

  • Indian citizens living outside India.
  • People of Indian Origin (PIO).
  • Foreigners who have close family members in India who are either very sick or have passed away.
  • Death: If a close family member (like your spouse, parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, or grandchild) in India has passed away recently.
  • Serious illness: If an immediate family member in India is very sick and in the hospital.
  • A filled-out visa application form online.
  • Your passport that is valid for at least 180 days with blank pages.
  • Proof that you’re Indian or of Indian origin.
  • Documents showing your relationship with the person in India (like a marriage certificate or birth certificate).
  • Papers proving the emergency (like a death certificate or medical report).
  • Two recent photos of you that fit passport size.

It can be very fast, sometimes just 12-24 hours and sometimes it will take more than 24 hours to the next business day. But it depends on where you apply. Each Indian embassy or consulate has its own time frame.

For an Emergency Visa to India, use the platform Globally eVisas. This platform allows anyone in need of an emergency visa to start their application process smoothly. Visit Globally eVisas’ website and follow the instructions for submitting your emergency visa application. If you face any problems our support team also helps you for trying to complete your Emergency Visa application. After applying through Globally eVisas, you will get your eVisa through email. Print out the attached documents and travel anytime to India.

Yes, some places have a way to help you even on weekends or holidays. You’ll need to see if the Indian embassy or consulate near you offers this. Look for their emergency contact info or special instructions online.