How to Get eVisa India from Canada for Business Purpose Online

eVisa India from Canada

How to Get eVisa India from Canada for Business Purpose Online

e-Business visa to India is granted online to facilitate the tourists to stay in India for up to 180 days. The e-Business visa to India is granted to people coming to India solely for business purposes. It is a multiple entry visa. eVisa allows you to travel within India for business purposes and other commercial purposes like attending conferences, business meetings, participating in exhibitions/trade fairs etc. The people coming to India on e-Tourist Visa can’t conduct business activities because the e-Tourist Visa is meant only to promote tourism.

Get eVisa India from Canada

India facilitates the nationals of several countries for on-arrival Visa facility also but the facility is not available for the nationals of Canada while there is huge traffic to India for Canada. I hope that India will restore the visa on arrival facility again. However, the process for getting eVisa India from Canada is simple as getting eVisa for other purposes. Even if you face any problem at any stage of the application, the private agencies are just a call away to help you get eVisa India from Canada.

BoI Welcomes Canadians Businessmen to India

If you are a Canadian by passport and want to visit India for a business purpose, you will have to get a visa either through the regular process or through an online process. The online eVisa process is faster; and, you get permission to enter India within 2-3 days. The eVisa application is processed at the Bureau of Immigration (BoI) which was set up in 1971 by the Government of India. At present, there are 86 Immigration Check Posts across India allowing international traffic to flow in. Delhi, Chennai, Amritsar, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Calicut, Bengaluru, Kochi, Trivandrum, Ahmedabad, Lucknow etc are the major cities that welcome Canadian businessmen the most. BOI Support Centre numbers are 011-26711443 and 011-26713851. The business activities allowed under the Indian e-Business visa are-

• Setting an business/ industrial venture

• Sale, purchase, or trading

• Attending business meetings

• Conducting tours

• Manpower recruitment

• Participation in trade fairs and business exhibitions

• Providing specialized consultancy or services for an ongoing project

How to Apply for e-Business Visa to India

Before applying for eVisa India from Canada for business purposes, you need to do some preparations. Your passport needs to be valid at least for 6 months from the departure date. You also need an electronic copy of the biographical page; you can get it either in a high-quality photo form or in a scanned copy. You need to upload biographical page copy while applying for an e-Business visa to India. You also need to upload a digital photo with a clear front face.

The high numbers of applications are rejected just because of wrong photo. Tips to avoid this mistake- *Don’t reuse the passport photo. * Click your photo against a plain wall. *The photo in 350 pixel by 350 pixel in height and width should be of passport size. *Face should cover 50-60% area of the photo. *Maximum size of Portrait mode photo for eVisa is India is 1 Mb. *Only photos in JPG, PNG, or PDF file format can be uploaded.

Copy of a business card is very important to get e-Business visa to India at the earliest as it supports the purpose of the visit. While applying for an e-Business visa, you need to provide business name, email, and signature. Since you are visiting India for business purposes, you need to provide the details of the India business where you will visit.


Canadian tourists coming to India on e-Business visas are required to carry all the documents used for applying for eVisa. They must have a printed copy of eVisa. The Online Indian Visa facility for Canadians is available only two times in a calendar year.

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