Eligibility Criteria And Documentations Requirements For An Online Indian Visa Application

online Indian visa application

Eligibility Criteria And Documentations Requirements For An Online Indian Visa Application

Making tour to India with an online visa gives you enough scope to discover and explore the beautiful stories in most of the vibrant cities and to uncover the incredible cultural heritage. For this, you only have to stay aware with the eligibility criteria to fulfill to get an online Indian visa application.

Overview of an Online or E-Visa

An online Indian visa application lets you to enter India and stay there for about 90 days or 180 days depending on your native country and the type of visa service you choose. An e-visa will store your personal details electronically, while the Visa issuing authority will provide a copy of the visa to your registered mail id. The main purpose behind issuing e-visa is to fulfill the requirement of short term stay in various foreign countries.

Fulfillment of Eligibility Criteria

• You have to fulfill the following eligibility criteria while you choose for an e-visa or online visa.
• You may get either of the tourists’ visa or business visa to travel to India for vising your relatives and friends, involve in recreational activities, undergo medical treatment and business visit on a short-term basis.
• As an applicant, your passport should possess the validity of at least six months right from the date you apply for your visa.
• Your passport should essentially contain at least two blank pages, so that the immigration officer may use it for stamping.
• Applicants should essentially have return tickets ready to return after staying at a certain destination for a previously mentioned duration.
• You have to apply for separate passports and e-visas for infants and children.

Documentation Requirement

Documentation Requirements to Apply for E-Visa

o A valid passport, which has at least 6 months validity.
o A few of the passport size photos.

Documentation Requirements at the Time of Your Arrival

o You have to produce a printed hard copy of your online visa at the airport.
o Your passport with minimum 6 months of validity period
o If you have any invitation letter from your friend, relative or business partner to visit India, you have to produce it on your arrival.
o Lastly, you should produce your health insurance or medical insurance coverage up to your staying period in India.

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